jueves, 10 de enero de 2008

driver gspca for n800

I just compiled gspca for n800. I don't know if it goes correctly. I try to put at N800 on os2008 with insmod and seem to load corectly, In /dev/video apears video0 and video1, but I don't know if before already apear. If anyone can help to make gspca run on n800 that was great. I want to put a labtec webcam on n800 with usb-host. I think there are not almost power to start the camera but with a powered hub I think it could work.
Oriol and I have a project to put night vision on N800, and with the modified webcam(without infrared filter), infrared light and the LCD of N800 we think it's possible. Thanks a lot.

here I put the module:

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