sábado, 27 de octubre de 2007

Resetwlan for N800

Previously when you use airodump or kismet the wlan of N800 goes to monitor mode, and after that you have to reboot the device to use wlan in "normal" mode, now we have a script that fix it, this is a first release (a proof of concept), after the install you have to give it permissions: chmod a+x /usr/bin/resetwlan

In future versions I will fix it, and give it permissions by default, and I will add a menu to restart wlan, and don't have to go to terminal.

Motion 2.3.8 Spy version for N800

The Motion Spy version, is a version of motion that is automatically enabled when you unplug the webcam, and have two buttons on the extras menu to stop and start it. It works perfect for me, and by default it saves the captures on /home/user/motion-capture.


martes, 23 de octubre de 2007


This blog pretends to be a place were stay up to date of the maemo world. And I will make some software for it too.
My English is so poor, I'm Catalan and Spanish. If anyone want to rewrite the posts o correct me, it will be great.

Welcome everybody