jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007

ResetWlan 1.0

First fully working version of resetwlan. Now you can finally use your wifi connection after you have putted it in promiscuous mode. This release fix a very SERIOUSLY bug with the sudoers file, it's HIGHLY recommended to do an upgrade to 1.0.

This software ables you to navigate through internet after you are been using airodump, kismet, or others alike software. Possibly tomorrow i will package airodump and kismet, modifying them to auto-restart the wifi after using them.

To download resetwlan:

2 comentarios:

Lars-Åke dijo...

very serius bug ??? But no explaination on what it do ???
..and how to fix the problem..
How serius is that ?

Uri dijo...

To fix the problem you have to install the resetwlan 1.0. The bug is that when you uninstall a resetwlan 0.1 or 0.2, you can't do any sudo anymore. Bye!